The Blind Man

There was a man I knew well. He lived in the streets, and often sat on the roadside near my home in Jericho. On many occasions I would go to him, put a few coins in his hand, and say a silent prayer over him. He would always grab my hand, and thank me. I would look into his sightless eyes, and have such pity upon him. Always thanking God that I could see. Secretly wishing that he could too.

I watched his hands in the past, holding them up, and begging passersby for money or food. The sorrow on his face, how he closed his eyes when the sun was brilliant…I imagined he was bathing his face in the warmth of the sun.

On this day, I saw Jesus walk by, with His disciples, to leave our town of Jericho. I didn’t know where they were going, but He had a large crowd about him. People were following Him closely.


Suddenly, Bartimaeus began to cry out to Jesus!


“Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”


Jesus turned toward the beggar, and as he did, many men from the crowd yelled out to the blind man.


“We rebuke you! Be quiet!”


Bartimaeus did not listen to them. He yelled louder!


“Son of David, have mercy on me!”


Jesus stopped. He stood still. He told the people,


Call him”.


So the people approached the blind man, and said,


“Take heart. Get up; He is calling you.”


Bartimaeus stood up, threw off his cloak, and surprisingly walked straight to Jesus. He had such assurance that this Jesus would heal him!

Jesus asked,


What do you want Me to do for you?”


With anticipation he answered,


“Rabbi, let me recover my sight.”


Jesus stared at his face, such a sincere look in His eyes. He then said to the beggar,


Go your way; your faith has made you well.”


Immediately Bartimaeus could see! He stared at the people; looking deeply in their eyes. He looked at the shades of green in the grass, the brown dirt, he looked into the sky, seeing the sun. The smile on his mouth, contagious. I couldn’t help but be in wonder!

Can he really see? I thought to myself. No sooner than his sight was restored he began to follow Jesus.

Stopping, just long enough, to look at me and smile.

Taken from Mark 10:46-52 ESV

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