It was the Sabbath, and my brother and I had gone into the synagogue.

My brother had been in a lot of pain, and was appalled at how his hand looked. Twisted, deformed and withered since birth. I remembered how many people would gaze and gawk at him. It made him feel so useless. I felt so miserable for him. All his life he was ashamed. He tried to hide it in his coat, but I knew it was there, and so did he.

Suddenly a man walked into the synagogue. He looked around, and his eyes became fixed on my brother. I noticed many people in there staring at this man called Jesus, and they had hatred in their eyes. My brother looked at me with curiosity and I could only stare back at him, completely astonished. Jesus began to walk towards us. My heart raced. Calling to my brother, Jesus shouted.

“Come he said, and stand in front of everyone.”

My brother being very shy and humiliated, looked down at his feet. He stepped slowly to the middle of the room.

Jesus turned to crowd. They were all staring. Some with loathing, some with love.

Jesus spoke.

Does the law permit good deeds on the Sabbath, or is it a day for doing evil? Is this a day to save life or to destroy it?”

The room was silent. No one talked; they would not answer his questions.

Jesus looked at them angrily, but he was deeply sad. I could tell in his eyes. They were like I book I had read a thousand times.

He turned towards my brother, “Hold out your hand.”

My brother pulled his hand from his coat, and it was fully restored!!! He was astounded!

A smile spread on my face. I grabbed his hand and studied it. It was perfect! No curved fingers, no twisted wrist. Fully made and functional. I was about to embrace my brother but I watched the men, with insufferable hate in their eyes, and unsentimental looks on their faces, leave the room. One by one.

Outside a man had heard that they were going to the supporters of Herod! They were plotting to kill Jesus!!! All because he healed my friend on the Sabbath day. I looked at my brother’s face. Full of tears, and thankfulness he stared at Jesus. Before he could tell him of his appreciation, Jesus turned away. I looked around me, and everyone in the synagogue was watching us.

I grabbed my brother’s hand firmly, and we ran out.

Taken from Mark 3:1-6 NLT

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